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IoT in Oil & Gas Canada

Rugged IoT Devices for the Edge and Beyond

From IIoT systems to COM Express-based touchscreen PCs and industrial computers, creating an oil and gas solution has never been easier. Sealevel’s engineering experts are uniquely qualified to design systems that are up to intense temperatures and other variable conditions.

Pick Your Cloud

Any cloud.
SeaCloud, Azure IoT Edge, AWS Greengrass.
Or something altogether different to secure and share your data.

Trust Your Connection

Backed by superior connectivity.
Bands 2, 4, 12, 66 and 71

Customize Your Hardware

Cellular and Wi-Fi edge devices and gateways backed by 30+ years of design, engineering and manufacturing.

Industrial IoT Devices.
Always on. Always talking.
See what they are saying — and how they can speak to your application.

SeaConnect 370C
SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Reduced Pressure

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Maintenance: Increased Vibration within Turbine

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Tank Empty

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Maintenance: Energy Consumption Increased

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Flow Reduced

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Let Sealevel and our local partner W5 Engineering introduce you to smart IoT solutions to solve the problems you know about — and the ones you don’t. Yet.
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Our Industry Expertise

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IoT signage.
IoT refrigerators.
IoT shrimp farms.
We’ve done it.

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More Than a Feeling

We get it. Offering Industrial IoT solutions can seem like the latest way to be the cool kid in industrial automation. So we're delivering IoT hardware and software with the same quality and ingenuity we've prided ourselves on for over 30 years.

In-house engineering design, testing and compliance
Dedicated Embedded Center of Excellence
State-of-the-art, on-site manufacturing

Let us help you confidently enter the IoT world.