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Remote Monitoring & Alerts

Remotely monitor sensors and receive alerts when specified thresholds are exceeded.

Temperature Data Log

Automatically log temperature data remotely to meet regulation requirements and maintain quality control.

Predictive Data for Maintenance

Data trend analysis to predict equipment failure or maintenance need for proactive measures.

Customize Your Hardware

Cellular and Wi-Fi edge devices and gateways backed by 30+ years of design, engineering and manufacturing.

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SeaConnect 370C
Smart City with Sealevel IoT
SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Refrigerated truck
may require maintenance

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Refrigerator temperature threshold exceeded

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Log: Freezer is -18°C

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Reminder: Compressor requires
regularly scheduled maintenance

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Transport truck exceeding threshold

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Power failure detected

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SeaConnect-370-Toon 2

Alert: Freezer door ajar

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